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AI – It’s at Everyone’s Fingertips

How AI is Affecting Writers in 2023

Everyone is talking about AI. Besides GPT Chat there are a host of other free and paid programs that can write your agendas, blogs and other online content, letters to your lover, thank you notes, assignment papers and just about everything else.

I tried to avoid AI but it is huge. And it is pretty darned good. Helpful - sort of like Siri is, in written form.

I have tried asking it to give me some title ideas for an article. It will keep producing them til I tell it to stop. I can opt for a different tone. I can have GPT Chat write me an article on any topic in 2 minutes flat and its really not bad.

What GPT is lacking is variety in language, and the lack of a human voice. It can’t fake emotion – yet. If you are using it double check the facts too. Sometimes they are just not correct, are vague, or are based on outdated information. There is limited access to world events after 2021, it does not have specialised knowledge, and everything is reworded from info that is currently online. If you are writing about upcoming trends, the latest events or anything with political or non mainstream knowledge or viewpoints AI can’t help.

AI Generated Text

Here is a short article generated just now by GPT Chat for floral decorations for weddings in 2023.

Floral decorations for weddings in Australia in 2023 are likely to follow current trends and styles, while incorporating some new and unique elements. Here are some potential floral decoration ideas for weddings in Australia in 2023:

1. Mixed arrangements: A mix of flowers, greenery, and foliage is a popular trend in floral decorations. Mixing different textures and colors can add depth and interest to wedding floral arrangements. 2. Natural and organic: Natural and organic arrangements that feature locally sourced and native flowers are a trend that has been growing in popularity in Australia. Incorporating natural elements such as wood, stones, or moss can create a rustic and earthy atmosphere. 3. Hanging floral installations: Hanging floral installations are a unique way to add a dramatic element to wedding decor. Suspended floral arrangements can create a focal point above the ceremony or reception space. 4. Bold color palettes: Bold and bright colors such as deep reds, oranges, and pinks are expected to be popular in 2023. These colors can add energy and vibrancy to wedding floral arrangements. 5. Sustainable and eco-friendly options: With increasing awareness of sustainability and eco-friendliness, couples may opt for floral arrangements that are grown and sourced locally and using environmentally friendly techniques. 6. Minimalist designs: Minimalist designs that use only a few types of flowers or greenery in a restrained and elegant manner can also be a popular trend in 2023. The use of negative space and simplicity can create a modern and refined look. 7. Large-scale installations: Large-scale installations such as flower walls, arches, or garlands can be an impressive and luxurious addition to a wedding. These grand displays can be made with a mix of flowers and foliage and can make for stunning photo backdrops. 8. Dried flowers: Dried flowers have been gaining popularity in recent years and can be a beautiful and long-lasting option for wedding floral arrangements. Dried flowers can be used in bouquets, centerpieces, and installations, and can add a unique and rustic touch to wedding decor. 9. Personalized flower crowns: Flower crowns can be a whimsical and romantic accessory for brides and bridesmaids. In 2023, personalized flower crowns with unique combinations of flowers and colors may become a popular trend.

It’s a little bland for me. The words Arrangements, popular, polarity, and installations are repeated throughout the article. As are the opening words on every numbered paragraph.

It is pretty good as the bones for an article with a lot of great ideas. Highly factual, I find the wording pretty uninspiring for the primary target market – which is couples around 28-33, excited about planning their wedding and seeing what is on offer and in vogue. It doesn’t really speak to the people.

AI for SEO

Saying that, it is produced pretty quickly, can easily be search engine optimised and contains some great information. I know of some business that have been using AI and only AI for years. It saves them a bundle of time and cash. Plus their SEO is outstanding.

There is an abundance of information online now and it is already being trusted much less than what it was. I personally don’t think the use of robots in writing is going to make readers trust online content more. Plus although AI is all the rage at the moment it’s use may in the not so distant future be penalised by the search engines as online content becomes saturated with content that is written by AI.

GPT Chat is a Microsoft program which begs the question – will we be led more to Bing rather than Google for our searches?

While AI still has a long way to go. Knowing the software, it’s capabilities and limitations and using it to best advantage creates a win win for everyone. If us writers want to remain competitive we need to work with it not against it. Having experience in a niche or two rather than being a generalist writer puts us ahead of the crowd – and the robots.

If you need help with some well written prose for your blog, website or other copy contact us today. We are happy to help.

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