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The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimised Content

This is a short ebook that I have re-gigged since I first wrote it in 2018. SEO still rules and is getting bigger and better results than ever before. Read on for inspiration.

Benefits and Incentives of Using SEO Content Writing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is the process of making online information easily found by Google and other search engines. Using SEO your website, blog or other online content is strategically edited to make sure that your information is easily found.

Forms of search engine optimisation include HTML optimisation and restructuring, link acquisition campaigns and using search engine optimised content.

Search engine optimised content on your website consists of using the right number of relevant keywords in the best positions on your webpages. It allows those looking for your services to easily find you.


Good SEO content specialists are experts at choosing the correct keywords and placing them strategically throughout your online content. Content can be anything on your website – including home pages, services pages, information pages, and blogs.

You may choose to have some different keywords for your various web pages.

For example - a gardening service in Fitzroy, Melbourne may choose to use the following keywords:

Home Page

Gardening services, Fitzroy and Melbourne

Services Page

Lawnmowing, pruning and mulching

Contact Us Page

Gardening professionals, Fitzroy and Melbourne

A New Blog about Gardening Tools

Gardening, gardening tools, gardeners Melbourne, and gardening services

When choosing keywords it is important to do some research and choose phrases that your customers are looking for. Using your location is great for service-based businesses — this targets clients in your area that are in need of your expertise. It is vital not to overuse or underuse keywords. Software programs like SEM Rush can select prime keywords for you. Even AI software can make some suggestions.

Your SEO content specialist should be an excellent writer, with a strong command of the English language. There is no point in having search engine optimisation on your website or blog if the content is boring or has poor grammar! Your future customers would quickly leave your site.

At Web Content Cube we can help you with keyword research, campaign planning - and great content.

There Are Always People Looking for Your Services

Did you know that there are 9 billion searches online every single day in 2023? And that’s just with Google. Customers are looking for you online! By not using SEO content services, you are missing out on countless opportunities. Can you afford not to use SEO on your website? The phrase “Just Google It” has been around for some 25 plus years already. Google was named the most useful word of 2002 and was placed in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2006. The use of search engines is not going anywhere anytime soon, especially with the advanced AI tools like GPT chat available now.

Using SEO content marketing can guide people seeking your services to your business. There is no need for expensive advertising. There is a huge market online that is already interested in your products and services. SEO traffic is much more likely to convert than other sources of traffic.

The Search Engines LOVE Updated Content

Having a website created and leaving it unchanged for years will simply not give you good results in the search engine rankings. Anyone browsing your site will also quickly lose interest when nothing on your site changes. That’s if they can find your website in the first place.

Your prospective customers will not know if the information is up to date, whether you have new products or services that are not listed, and if you have any new promotions or deals that will benefit them.

Blogging – What exactly is a Blog?

A great way to keep your website up to date and interesting is by adding a blog (short for Web log).

If you actually don’t know what it is - in brief a blog is a series of short articles posted online, listed in reverse chronological order. The latest blog will always appear at the top of the page. You can email your customers or potential customers whenever you have a new blog post uploaded.

Blogs need to be original. Plagiarised copy is frowned upon by the search engines and will detrimentally affect your search engine rankings, and those of the site that you have copied from. This includes AI produced copy. Plagiarising someone else’s work can lead to legal issues. Always post original content!

Hiring Ghost Writers is a Common Way to Create Great Content

Ghost writers will sign over all the rights of the copy, so that you can put your own name to the blog, article or webpage. Ensure that you have the SEO writer’s permission before you do this. At Web Content Cube, we provide ghost writing services for firms large and small.


Well written content is king. Interesting and thought providing content will also keep your customers coming back.

Search engines can tell the difference between authentic written content, and content that is simply stuffed with keywords to try and fool the search engines. Original written content will always get great results. Keywords need to be strategically placed. This can be done manually, or using an SEO tool such as Surfer or SEM Rush.

How Often Should I Blog?

How many blogs you publish is not as important as how regularly you blog. You are better to add blogs regularly once or twice a month than to have five new blogs, and then nothing for several months. The key to good website rankings and reader interest is to blog consistently.

Updated content is a great form of advertising. It:

  • Is a very economical form of marketing

  • Requires little effort on your part once you have found a great writer

  • Constantly updates your website, leaving it with a fresh up to date feel and lots of new inspiration

  • Is favoured by the search engines. Websites that have been in place long term and have a regular blog simply receive more traffic

  • Can be used with search engine optimised keywords so that users looking for your services can find them

What Should I Blog About?

Business owners often ask me what their blog should be about.

Be sure that your topics are related to your business and area of expertise. If you run an art gallery for instance, blog posts on painting, exhibitions in the local area, and the artists on display will be relevant. While a blog post on your favourite celebrity may be interesting and can even get people to your site, it will not generally make your site appear credible or attract customers.

Your blog should be related to your business, unless it is a personal blog. Subjects can be broad – for example, fitness instructors may choose to have search engine optimised blogs written about health, weight loss, fitness equipment and other related subjects.

Personal blogs, on the other hand, can be about anything that appeals to you. Blogs originally came into play as a hobby and a way of sharing personal thoughts and opinions online. Many blogs in the early days were essentially an online diary. These types of blogs are still highly popular – to get a wider reader audience make use of well researched keywords.

Have a Dedicated Domain Name

Although there are many free website options out there, they will not have a domain name that relates exclusively to your business. When setting up your business, check that your domain name is available before registering your business or company name! for example, looks and sounds much more professional than Having a dedicated domain name makes it easier for your customers and the search engines to find you.

Register a .com name as well as registering a domain name using the syntax for your own country. For example, Tony’s Shoe Repairs in Australia would register and

Keywords can be used in your domain name and business name. Although many popular names and domain names are already taken, adding some extra words to your domain name will allow you to incorporate SEO. So, as another example, although Landscaping Australia may be in use, Quality Landscaping Australia is more likely to be available.

Please note that these company names are examples and are fictional. Any reference in this document to existing companies or previously existing companies is coincidental.

Increased Traffic Means Increased Clicks

Top results in the search engines receive the highest number of clicks. This can result in a major increase in traffic for your website or blog.

Track Your Increase in Sales with Analytical Tools

SEO is measurable. With analytic tools you can track:

  • How well your website is going

  • What keywords your clients are using to find your site

  • What location your clients are from

  • Your client’s gender

  • When and where your clients click on to your site

Analytical tools are a great means of data mining if you are doing several forms of marketing.

SEO is SO Affordable!

Content writing is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising there is. SEO using content writing targets the people who are looking for your products and services on line. Other means of advertising such as TV and radio will cost you thousands of times more, and of necessity appeal to a wider audience than you perhaps need.

Content marketing gives an excellent return on investment. Your ROI is high with SEO, and the cost per acquisition is much lower. SEO content allows small business to compete on an even playing field with larger business. Having content marketing as a part of your marketing strategy will bring your overall return on investment for marketing and advertising down.

Brand Recognition

Having your website appear in more search engine results means that your name becomes more well known. Your brand will become associated with the keywords, and you can quickly become known as an expert on the subject matter. You don’t need to write the articles yourself for this to happen – you just need to approve them!

Blogging Increases Your Reader’s Knowledge

By blogging about your products and related products and services, you build rapport with your customers.

Blogging can be about anything that is related to your field and which will interest your customers. An accountant, for instance, may choose a variety of topics that include preparing for the end of financial year, advantages of cloud software, and tips and tricks to get your personal finances in place. A hairdresser may choose, for example, “Top hair washing tips” and “10 colours that are in vogue this season”.

Choose blog topics that your customers regularly enquire about, or ask your content writer to source topics that relate to some of the more common searches online.

90% Higher Click Through Rates

Well written SEO content receives a huge 90% higher click through rate than pay per click advertising. Many people using search engines skip past the paid advertisements. They trust the search engines to quickly supply them with the information that they are looking for.

Your Competition is Definitely Using Search Engine Optimised Content

Your opposition is using SEO content to increase their sales and their business. To remain competitive, you need to use it too. Those that are not using online content marketing will be left behind. SEO content marketing can increase the value of your business.

SEO Is Huge

SEO works. It is envisaged that SEO spending will increase to $103.2 billion US dollars by 2025. Your business has the opportunity to benefit from SEO content marketing while rates are still affordable.

For more information on affordable marketing for your business using search engine optimised content, contact us at Web Content Cube.

SEO Drives Offline Sales

People may visit your website, and then phone you later to enquire or buy your services. They also tell their friends about your products and blog. Good, well written information will keep people coming back time and time again.

Content Marketing is Broad

SEO Content marketing can cover many areas. It can include blogs and all website pages. There needs to be substance in your writing. It must be good, and it must be consistent. It is not something that is done once and then never repeated. Content is written, then more is written. SEO Content writing is an ongoing process.

Content is King

Quality content will always be popular with the search engines and your consumers. Having good quality information that is well written and regularly posted to your site keeps people coming back, and all the major search engines love it.

Effective content marketing means using strategically placed keywords. The keywords need to be well chosen, well researched and strategically placed in your document. Too few and the search engines will not pick them up. Too many and the search engines will ignore your document as it does not flow well. Overstuffing your content to try to trick the search engines simply doesn’t work. It can often be better to use no keywords at all!

At Web Content Cube our SEO content writers research the best SEO terms for your business and incorporate them into the content in a way that is natural and reads well.

If you'd like a downloadable copy of this article feel free to contact us.

© Copyright 2023

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