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Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Cake

There is much to organise when you are planning a wedding and a gourmet cake is one of the most important parts. It can go with the theme of your wedding and should be standout and make your mouth water! Here are 5 tips on deciding on a cake for your wedding:

1. Organise Your Cake Well in Advance

There are many options and you should take time to look around and book the baker and or decorator, allocate funds from your wedding budget and locate any one off decorating pieces that desire. Keep in mind that wedding cake makers are often quite booked during summer – book in advance to avoid disappointment.

2. Look for Ideas for Cakes Online and Offline

Sites such as Pinterest have a host of ideas, and there are many bridal magazines that feature wedding cakes. Look at photos – if you have a family member or friend who’s cake you loved, ask them for a copy of the pic. You may want to use the same cake style that your parents or grandparents used, and carry on a family tradition.

3. Know What is Available

There are many options for wedding cakes.

· The traditional fruitcake with marzipan is still every popular.

· Cakes with layers of frosting and icing are decadent and on trend.

· Naked cakes are delicious, look amazing and are on trend.

· Cup Cakes for weddings are in vogue. The frosting can include symbols, initials, flowers fruits chocolate and much more. Wedding cup cake orders come in a lavish tiered format. They are all at once cute, sophisticated and trendy. And cup cakes are super delicious and are always a hit with both adults and kids!

· Decadent chocolate cakes of mud varieties with lavish toppings not only melt in your mouth, they look device too

· Cheesecakes are a favourite dessert for many and are definitely worth consideration for a wedding cake.

4. Visit Your Preferred Cake Makers

We suggest organise an appointment and visit 3-4 of your preferred bakeries and cakemakers. Allow yourself plenty of time, and take any pictures that you have of your favourite wedding cakes with you.

5. Communication is Key

Talk to the baker about what you would like for your cake and be open to any suggestions and recommendations that they have. You may be surprised and delighted at their suggestions!

ABC Cupcakes create beautiful gourmet cakes in central Sydney. Browse our cakes online and contact us for an appointment to discuss your perfect wedding cake.

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