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Why Blogs are a Reliable and Affordable Form of Marketing

Whether you are a small business, startup, or have a small or large budget - businesses are always looking for ways to attract new clients and keep existing ones without breaking the bank. Radio advertising, TV, cinema advertising, billboards, Facebook ads and YouTube are some tried and tested forms of marketing, but blogging is perhaps one of the most cost effective.

Blogging Provides Value for Money

Whether you are writing your own blog or paying a professional to manage it for you, a blog added to regularly over time will improve your search engine optimisation and attract readers to your site. The cost is extremely affordable when compared to other forms of marketing. There is no set time frame for results, but you will generally have more readers, subscribers and clients within a 4 month period.

Although I write blogs for others, I, like the plumber who has a leaky tap at home, or the mechanic who doesn’t service their own car, have been inattentive to the blog on my own webiste. So I’m putting my best intentions out there and writing something for Web Content Cube regularly. My aim is to write a batch once a month and put up a new blog from that batch once a week.

Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

A blog on your website helps to establish you as an expert in your trade or profession. Readers will come back to your site knowing that they can find valuable information there, endorsed by a professional. Blogs can simply help you to make a name for yourself.

As well as your own blog, consider writing some guest blog posts for blogs within your industry and link them back to your own site. Readers can then read more on your blog and find out further info on you and your business.

Search Engine Optimised Copy

The search engines love change and as well as keywords, they love well written informative content. A website that remains unchanged for months or even years is not going to attract readers or be in the top rankings of the search engines.

By having a blog that is added to once a week or so, the content of your website is regularly updated. Search engines like Google rewards these sites and they are found more easily than those sites that are left stagnant.

People are Looking for Your Services

There are billions of people online at any one time searching for your services! Choosing the right keywords on your website and blog allows these customers to find you. Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copy works!

You Don’t Have to Write Your Blogs Yourself

Many people are time poor, and writing may not be your strength. Your blog is something that can be easily delegated to a writer. Although many businesses start off with the best of intentions of doing their own online content inhouse sometimes life simply gets in the way. If you are hiring a ghostwriter you are hiring them for their expertise and can even own the copy and put your own name to it.

I have written online content and blogs for hundred of industries and am now specialising in weddings and business copy. Contact me today for an obligation free consultation about how I can help you with your blog and get those customers rolling in!

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